Hey Martian Maniacs! We have mostly been post on other socials like Instagram and Facebook, but we wanted to update on a few things.
First off, we are back at Red Nova Ranch recording the next Mars Metal full LP. We’re well into it and it is shaping up into a solid slab of ROCK.
We also have some upcoming shows and we’ll be filling you on the more later. For now, keep checking in on social media and watch this space for more info soon! Keep ROCKIN!

We’re rocketing back from Mars with a high energy tight set for Stoner Jam 2022. It’s been a long time coming, so come early and enjoy a day of awesome bands!! Thanks to Wickedbad for putting this all together, and for always being rad. You can check out the details here Stoner Jam 2022!

STONER JAM 2022 Thursday, March 17 The Far Out Lounge Doors at 1:00 PM
Worshipper Stage
2:OO The Flood
2:45 Kyote Radio
3:3O Screamin J
4:15 Peth
5:OO Thunderosa
5:45 Rainbows Are Free
6:3O Crimson Devils
7:15 Tia Carrera
8:O0 Holy Death Trio
8:45 Rickshaw Billies
9:3O Scorpion Child
1O:15 Rifflord

Boss Radio Stage
2:15 Cortege
3:OO Bad Wires
3:45 Abject Terror
4:3O Blind Scryer
5:15 Monte Luna
6:OO Dizz Brew
6:45 Amplified Heat
7:3O Temptress
8:15 Bridge Farmers
9:45 Howling Giant
1O:3O Greenbeard

Wicked Bad Stage
3:15 Deserts of Mars
4:OO Fellowcraft
4:45 Mezzoa
5:3O Red Beard Wall
6:15 Day Eater
7:OO Grave Bathers
7:45 clouds taste satanic
8:3O Doomstress
9:15 Witchcryer
1O:OO Desert Suns
1O:45 Warlung
11:30 Deathchant

PLEASE NOTE: Parking is limited, and rideshares are encouraged!* * *The Far Out Lounge is located at 8504 South Congress. Winner of Best New Venue at the Austin Music Awards 2020.http://www.thefaroutaustin.com/

We are firing up the interstellar engines preparing and landing back in Austin on Saturday October 9 at Independence Brewing courtesy of Gravitoyd. Come early (doors at 7:00 PM) and get ready for a night of Rock with DoM, Jason Kane and the Jive and Rickshaw Billies Burger Patrol!!

The always awesome Sleeping Village Reviews has been rocking out to Return from the Void over the last few months and we think they are now officially Martian Maniacs! Check out what they had to say right here-
“While a pleasant variety helps define Desert of Mars, fuzzy rock is ultimately the name of the game, tastefully outfitted with Martian desert grit and a certain astral flair. If comparisons help, think a merger featuring the psychedelic side of Mothership with the rockin’ drive of (fellow Texans) Duel.
This is the alchemical paragon of feel-good music: catchy driving riffs, hooky-yet-relaxed clean choruses, subtle aggression, forthright drums, and a whole lotta fuzz…. I just want more, dammit, and am not ashamed to beg. There’s only so much one can do in the span of an EP, and Desert of Mars handled this effort handily. “

But that’s not all! Recently Sleeping Village has posted the pre-order for their first Doom Comp –SLEEPING VILLAGE Caravan Of Doom (Vol. 1)
Tons of cool bands, compiled by one of our favorite sites – You know this one has a heavy pedigree. It’s a steal of a heavy pre-order, so head over that way and Doom On!!!

Hey Martian Maniacs!! We’re still hanging in there, polishing up our riffs and writing new tunes for the next LP while in lockdown on Mars. Don’t worry though, we’re keeping the rocket engines lit and beaming out transmissions like the latest interview with the Doom Tomb podcast.
In this episode, Tony discusses some “behind the music” info about the Mars Metal heard on the “Return from the Void” EP as well as other DoM related topics and random geekery. A lot of fun was had, and we thank Chris for reaching out and transmitting across the Universe.
The Doom Tomb covers a lot of cool music and bands, so once you listen to this episode check out all the rest of the Doom Tomb Podcast here!
Rock on, best wishes, and keep fighting the good fight on Earth! We hope you all stay safe and healthy. We want to see all of you out there when we can rocket across the universe again!