Final Shows of 2011

We are rocking out the year in style in December!! First up is Billy’s Birthday gig at Red Eyed Fly on Thursday Dec. 1stDeserts of Mars goes on at 9:00 SHARP!! However, we would love to have you there at 8:00 to check out all the bands and celebrate Billy’s Birthday with us! Our friends in Egypt rocking back into action and we are super excited to be playing with them! Feel free to show your support and RSVP at the Facebook event page.

  • 8-White Widow ( Extra Props to White Widow for switching with us and taking the early slot!)
  • 9-Deserts Of Mars
  • 10-Brown Acid
  • 11-Egypt
  • 12-Brontosaurus

We also have a gig at Trophy’s on the 16th of December and will give you the details soon! It’s shaping up to be a killer lineup to rock into the holidays.


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