Our first official Video!! (courtesy of Yukoh Films)

Hey Martian Maniacs!! It has been a while and we wanted give you and update on the state of Mars Metal. This past year or so has been akin to a mashup of “The Martian” and “Spinal Tap” mixed with a bit of “Apollo 13”. Never fear, Morgan and I have been writing as a 2 piece and while the sound is shaping to be a bit different than the DoM of the past, it is still always going to be Mars Metal – (Heavy, spacey, groovey, growly, and melodic, the only way we know how).

And now, we have our first video courtesy Maximiliano Contenti of Yukoh Films. Max is an all-around cool person that I met when he screened his film “High Five” (Relocos Y Repasados) and we hit it off, sharing a love of music and film. Over time he made this hard rockin’ video, which we hope that you love as much as we do. It’s certainly fueling OUR overdrive engines! Check it out and spread the word!! We hope to see you back on Earth in 2017!!! -Tony

Directed by Max Contenti

Starring Pink Ariel

Photo & Camera
Benja Silva
Max Contenti

Make Up
Wendy Resnic

Costume Design
Mariel Garbarino

Edit & Post
Max Contenti

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