New Interview with Tony on the Doom Tomb Podcast!!

Hey Martian Maniacs!! We’re still hanging in there, polishing up our riffs and writing new tunes for the next LP while in lockdown on Mars. Don’t worry though, we’re keeping the rocket engines lit and beaming out transmissions like the latest interview with the Doom Tomb podcast.
In this episode, Tony discusses some “behind the music” info about the Mars Metal heard on the “Return from the Void” EP as well as other DoM related topics and random geekery. A lot of fun was had, and we thank Chris for reaching out and transmitting across the Universe.
The Doom Tomb covers a lot of cool music and bands, so once you listen to this episode check out all the rest of the Doom Tomb Podcast here!
Rock on, best wishes, and keep fighting the good fight on Earth! We hope you all stay safe and healthy. We want to see all of you out there when we can rocket across the universe again!

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