Sleeping Village Review for Return from the Void! Plus their first Doom Compilation on Bandcamp!

The always awesome Sleeping Village Reviews has been rocking out to Return from the Void over the last few months and we think they are now officially Martian Maniacs! Check out what they had to say right here-
“While a pleasant variety helps define Desert of Mars, fuzzy rock is ultimately the name of the game, tastefully outfitted with Martian desert grit and a certain astral flair. If comparisons help, think a merger featuring the psychedelic side of Mothership with the rockin’ drive of (fellow Texans) Duel.
This is the alchemical paragon of feel-good music: catchy driving riffs, hooky-yet-relaxed clean choruses, subtle aggression, forthright drums, and a whole lotta fuzz…. I just want more, dammit, and am not ashamed to beg. There’s only so much one can do in the span of an EP, and Desert of Mars handled this effort handily. “

But that’s not all! Recently Sleeping Village has posted the pre-order for their first Doom Comp –SLEEPING VILLAGE Caravan Of Doom (Vol. 1)
Tons of cool bands, compiled by one of our favorite sites – You know this one has a heavy pedigree. It’s a steal of a heavy pre-order, so head over that way and Doom On!!!

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