Horror and Metal (and other stuff Tony does)

So, it’s October and while we’re getting ready for our show on November 15th, we wanted to share some of the other stuff Tony does. Currently he is part of the group that does the Castle of Horror Podcast
https://www.facebook.com/castleofhorrorpodcast (available on Stitcher and iTunes as well as other places) with Jason Henderson (with whom he co-wrote Psy-Comm and Clockwerx), Drew Edwards who writes Halloween Man, and Julia Guzman. As part of that, Tony is going to be doing reports for the podcast at the Housecore Horror Filmfestival which combines his love of metal and horror movies. To kick things of he did an interview with Jordan Gaw of Final Drive on his favorite episodes of the podcast and what horror he digs/is looking forward to.

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