DoM Returning from the Void– New shows, New Guitarist, New MARS METAL!!!

Hey Martian Maniacs!! It has been a while, but we are finally Returning from the Void. On April 6th we are playing a stacked lineup for the awesome Gravitoyd’s 2nd Anniversary & Damon’s 52nd dang birthday! We hope to see you there at Anderson Mill Pub. It’s a day full of friends and future friends so show up early and stay late, because it will be a RAGER!!!

4:30 Fuzz Goblin
5:15 Psionnosaur
6:00 The Reploids
6:45 Deserts of Mars
7:30 Brother Strange
8:15 Saviorskin
9:00 Jason Kane and the Jive
9:45 Stone Machine Electric
10:30 Red Beard Wall
11:15 3 Wheeler Band (Mex.)
12:00 Witchcryer

So, if you haven’t been following on our Facebook page, we are now joined by Bradley Barnes on guitar (formerly of the doomy downtuned Cesare’). Deserts of Mars were on their way to rockin the universe as a 2 piece when Bradley rocketed to the Mars Base bringing his own brand of axe slinging propulsion to the DoM UFO. His enthusiasm and influences were just what we needed to kick this into overdrive and slay some more Rocktopi. So we took a step back to let the dust settle, kick the rust off some older tunes, and write some new ones so his axe could slice the galaxies. On April 6th you can hear this new sound, new energy and new tunes for yourself. We plan on following this up with more Mars Metal across Earth and beyond as well as planning a new EP to share with the Universe. We hope you join us for this new era in Mars Metal, as we Raise the Pyramids and sing the music of the spheres.

PS you can check out some Cesare at:

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