Austin, TX based Deserts of Mars was formed in 2006 with a heavy fuzzed out bass sound and the idea that the Riff Rules ALL!!!  

Deserts of Mars is:

  • Tony Salvaggio – Founding/lead member of DoM whose growling bass has been known to shake the stars and is the perfect complement to his melodic vocals.
  • Morgan Faber -A drum powerhouse from another galaxy, laying waste to foes with thunderous fury
  • Bradley Barnes -Heavy Axe-Slinger extraordinaire, his guitar is known to soothe the stars or shatter planets, whatever the Mars Metal deems necessary.

What people are saying:

Garnering positive reviews and loyal fans known as Martian Maniacs, there is but one goal among this trio of galactic travelers: Spread heaviness and Mars Metal across the universe in a quest for musical DoMination on every planet that craves rock and loves to groove.

Phil Mucci – Video Wizard
“I’m jealous of everyone who’s seen Desert of Mars play live. I can only imagine the sonic thunder this power trio delivers on stage. When I listen to Desert of Mars, so do my neighbors. A live show must drench several city blocks in sticky riffage, with Salvaggio’s snarling cobra vocals and thumping bass shattering windows and skulls alike. I was lucky enough to hear a live recording of “Pyramids”, due out on the next album, and let me just say the best is yet to come. DoM are poised to become the greatest metal band to emerge from Austin since The Sword. I shit you not.”

Soda Shop: “Current Rotation”
“Transmission is one heavy and hard rocking album. The riffs are heavy, fuzzy and at times, crushing”…

Jonah Matranga
“Flange. Simple drivers, modest melody. Populist anthem-rock riffery. Retro in an endearing way. Sons of Sabbath, Uncle Hetfield. Stories and local studio glories. Never a bad thing.”

Heavy Planet: “New Band to Burn One To”

Aristocrazia Webzine Interview
Interview in English
Interview in Italian
Check out Aristocrazia Webzine and their support of the hard rock community in Italy!

Martian scrolls outline a recent history:

Always searching for the next elusive Mars Metal song hidden in dark matter or between space/time this power trio is aided in their quest by the visual leadership of former drummer Billy Garretsen. Billy (Perfect Dork Studios) accepted a mission to train his newborn daughter to fight Rocktopi and left the drumming post of DoM for this noble mission.  Billy stays connected to the band and helps with visual design and direction of the band’s flyers etc…
DoM 3.0
Upon Billy’s departure DoM reconnected with the Mars Curiosity Rover and activated its secret mission to find a suitable replacement. Curiosity unearthed Erik the Space Viking from his cryostasis deep within the Martian caves and sent him to earth on his Viking ship to bring the thunder to DoM.
DoM 4.0
We will miss the sonic power of Robert Hoff and Erik Kinservik, but the galaxies must be conquered and planets must be rocked in the name of Mars Metal!