Black Leather – (Pre EP Version) Video

Thanks to John L Robertson from Fuzz Goblin for capturing this. Our debut of “Black Leather” (one of the 5 songs on our new EP!) at our first show with Bradley on guitar (much thanks to Gravitoyd Presents ! ). The song has changed A LOT since we recorded it. (think of this as the prototype) but this is still rad. Rock on!!

Mars Metal at Independence Brewing Co.’s Summer Sesh II -August 03 2019

We’re playing a rager of a show at Independence Brewing Co’s Summer Sesh II with some of our favorite bands/friends. We’ll be playing some new arrangements of songs from the upcoming Return from the Void EP and some old favorites. The lineup is:

3:00 PMDJ Devil Woman

5:00 PM Deserts of Mars

6:00 PM Crimson Devils

7:00 PM Bridge Farmers

8:00 PM Greenbeard


Come join us for our second annual Summer Sesh Party. There will be a giant slip n slide, kiddie pools, a giant water balloon war, Hawaiian Shirt Contest, live screen printing from Underground Truckstop, food provided by Crossroads: Farm to Truck, and of course a stellar lineup of bands.

Bridge Farmers
Crimson Devils
Deserts of Mars
– DJ Devil Woman

As always on first Saturday we’ll have our 3 for 10 wristbands.

420 Science
Austin Facial Hair Club
Birds Barbershop
Happy Clouds Smoke Shop
Holy Roller
Kennon James Illustration
Little City Coffee
Old Gambler Beef Jerky
Underground Truckstop

Usually we allow well behaved leashed dogs on our patio, but please keep them at home on this day. It will be busy, hot, and loud.

DoM Returning from the Void– New shows, New Guitarist, New MARS METAL!!!

Hey Martian Maniacs!! It has been a while, but we are finally Returning from the Void. On April 6th we are playing a stacked lineup for the awesome Gravitoyd’s 2nd Anniversary & Damon’s 52nd dang birthday! We hope to see you there at Anderson Mill Pub. It’s a day full of friends and future friends so show up early and stay late, because it will be a RAGER!!!

4:30 Fuzz Goblin
5:15 Psionnosaur
6:00 The Reploids
6:45 Deserts of Mars
7:30 Brother Strange
8:15 Saviorskin
9:00 Jason Kane and the Jive
9:45 Stone Machine Electric
10:30 Red Beard Wall
11:15 3 Wheeler Band (Mex.)
12:00 Witchcryer

So, if you haven’t been following on our Facebook page, we are now joined by Bradley Barnes on guitar (formerly of the doomy downtuned Cesare’). Deserts of Mars were on their way to rockin the universe as a 2 piece when Bradley rocketed to the Mars Base bringing his own brand of axe slinging propulsion to the DoM UFO. His enthusiasm and influences were just what we needed to kick this into overdrive and slay some more Rocktopi. So we took a step back to let the dust settle, kick the rust off some older tunes, and write some new ones so his axe could slice the galaxies. On April 6th you can hear this new sound, new energy and new tunes for yourself. We plan on following this up with more Mars Metal across Earth and beyond as well as planning a new EP to share with the Universe. We hope you join us for this new era in Mars Metal, as we Raise the Pyramids and sing the music of the spheres.

PS you can check out some Cesare at:

Our first official Video!! (courtesy of Yukoh Films)

Hey Martian Maniacs!! It has been a while and we wanted give you and update on the state of Mars Metal. This past year or so has been akin to a mashup of “The Martian” and “Spinal Tap” mixed with a bit of “Apollo 13”. Never fear, Morgan and I have been writing as a 2 piece and while the sound is shaping to be a bit different than the DoM of the past, it is still always going to be Mars Metal – (Heavy, spacey, groovey, growly, and melodic, the only way we know how).

And now, we have our first video courtesy Maximiliano Contenti of Yukoh Films. Max is an all-around cool person that I met when he screened his film “High Five” (Relocos Y Repasados) and we hit it off, sharing a love of music and film. Over time he made this hard rockin’ video, which we hope that you love as much as we do. It’s certainly fueling OUR overdrive engines! Check it out and spread the word!! We hope to see you back on Earth in 2017!!! -Tony

Directed by Max Contenti

Starring Pink Ariel

Photo & Camera
Benja Silva
Max Contenti

Make Up
Wendy Resnic

Costume Design
Mariel Garbarino

Edit & Post
Max Contenti

Birthday show, and more plus some cool SXSW news

The riffs are flowing at the Mars homebase and we can’t wait to unleash them at new shows once the Mars Metal has been forged into sonic steel.

In the meantime, we have some awesome shows coming up including a show celebrating Tony’s birthday on February 20th. With Grail, Deguello, and Bellringer.

After that we get to play with our friends in Cesare,and Duel, and we welcome Mothwind on
Lost Well March 7th 2015

and to kick off more good news we are playing the The Worshiper Cabs SXSW Showcase
Thanks to Dusty Brooks and Wounded Earth Booking. TONS of heavy bands in an all-day riff fueled extravaganza!!!

We hope to see you out and about for some Mars Metal!