New Video for “Black Leather” and the reviews are in for “Return from the Void!”

Hell o Martian Maniacs we recently got in our new video for “Black Leather from Director Jim Towns ( who brings his unique vision and horror sensibilities to Deserts of Mars’ ode to one of our favorite Rock n Roll staples -“Black Leather”
(…/return-from-the-void )
Check out Jim’s works at
and watch out for his new book American Cryptic out later this year.

Thanks to John L Robertson of Fuzz Goblin for the Live footage
(and to Caraway Damon/ Gravitoyd Presents for the rad show we filmed it at

And if that wasn’t enough, the reviews for “Return from the Void” Have been INTERSTELLAR.
Over at Riff Relevant Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker calls it
” A meteoric movement, the EP is an extremely feel-good finessing of heady excessiveness laden with deep grooves and imaginatively inspired lyrics.”

Over at Stoner Hive:
“A stoner rock adventure with spacey twitches and hard rock trucking! Great drumwork, excellent bass rumbling and wonderful guitarlicks! Desert of Mars has returned and will stomp on every planet!”…/deserts-of-mars-return-fro…

And Noob Heavy says
“On the catchy more anthem-like side of stoner rock is Return From The Void, an album with space themes relating to Mars, seemingly, though there’s definitely deeper ideals at hand.”

And to top it off Fistful of DOOM had us on this rockin episode amongst so many rad bands!!

They get what Mars Metal is all about!!
Rock on!!!

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