Streaming across the Universe when we can’t beam down in person

Martian Maniacs, we live in crazy times on Earth. When we aren’t on our Mars Base, things have gotten even crazier and more uncertain. However, one thing that we always lean on is MUSIC! The whole scene is in turmoil, with canceled gigs (Stoner Jam and our Bongzilla show below being among them), uncertain tour plans, etc. Many of our friends are affected even more than us, and we appreciate every last share, stream, and download from Bandcamp from everyone.

Starting today (and for the near future), we decided to make our music “Pay what you want” for everyone who needs some Mars Metal. Head over to the Bandcamp page (or tell others to do so) for interstellar riffs! We know things are uncertain and we don’t want that to get in the way of the comfort that heavy riffs provide.

We also just put the Spotify and Amazon Music icons in our link sidebar if you get those in your spacesuit, ship, or home base. (links below as well).


Best wishes to all the people of Earth and Martian Maniacs everywhere!

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